Smith Titanium Complete Brake System for Sprints with SMITH TI Calipers


Rotors are made from proprietary 6AL4V titanium.  The process in which our rotors are manufactured is far superior to all other manufacturers who simply make them from plate and laser cut them into shape.  Our rotors are made from a 6 step process then precision ground, shot peened, and fully CNC machined.  The shot peen finish provides instant break-in and no coating is necessary.  This means the rotors never need to be recoated.  

This special manufacturing process is the key to "stay flat" after many cycles of extreme heat.  With our new in-house brake dyno testing machine we can guarantee the best brakes in the industry.  We also can give you the best brake balance front to rear.  This is a winning combination when you buy our complete front and rear system!

 Complete Brake System Kit Contains: 

1 - 12.200" x .350 titanium rotor (weight = 3.25 lbs)

1 - splined brake rotor hub (one piece billet aluminum construction) no spacer required - includes all titanium hardware

1 - Smith Titanium Inboard Brake Caliper (see caliper on the website for a thorough description)

2 - 7/16 - 14 x 1-3/8 reduced hex titanium bolt - drilled for tie wire (for caliper to rear)

2 - sets inboard brake pads (2 pads each)

1 - rear inboard brake line with banjo and straight fittings - 24-1/2" hose length

1 - Smith Titanium Left Front Rotor (10.875 diameter)

1 - Smith Titanium Left Front Brake Caliper (see caliper on the website for a thorough description)

1 - Left Front Mounting Bracket

2 sets - left front brake pads (2 pads each)

3 - 1/2 - 20 x .700 countersunk titanium bolts (for rotor to hub)

2 - 3/8 - 24 x 1 titanium reduced hex head bolts - drilled for tie wire (for caliper to bracket)

3 - titanium shims for new .250 thick rotors

1 - left front brake caliper hose - 23" hose length 45 and straight fittings

 Part #:  CBS-SM-SPR